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Who we are

Jilin Qijian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech and professional enterprise of production and sales of pharmaceutical intermediates and finished products according to the international advanced standards. We have been committed to provide high quality chemicals and biological products to the world being well-experienced at chemical and biological industry. We have more achievements on recombinant proteins in genetic and recombinant enzyme engineering technology.

In Northeast China

We are located in Northeast China, Jilin province Changchun High-Tech Industrial Development Zone which is famous as «the Chinese biomedical city». Our company has 30,000 square meters of clean production area which meets GMP certification standards including our genetic engineering, biochemistry, sterile lyophilized powder and small capacity injection production lines.

Our team

Our company has the first class research talents, including research and development personnel more than 40 people plus about one hundred persons of production staff. Research and Development Department is a young energetic, creative and motivated team, it is highly accomplished in gene engineering, pharmacology, chemistry and microbiology, it has a wealth of experience in new product research, development and production.


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Jilin Qijian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

adheres to "responsibility, innovation, faith and trust" concept focusing on human health and well-being through science and technology which change the future and exceed customer expectations.

  1. Establishment

    Qijian Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was established in 2005.

  2. Development

    The National Development and Reform Comission concluded that QijianBio company is one of «National Biological Industry base» in 2009.

  3. Award

    The Jilin Province Government Management Department awarded QijianBio company as «National High-Tech Enterprise» in 2010.

  4. New office and laboratory

    QijianBio company moved to new headquarters in High-Tech Industrial Development Zone of Changchun city, China in 2015.

  5. Subsidiary company

    QijianBio company at shareholders meeting in 2016 decided to set up a subsidiary Jilin Shoukang biotechnology Co., Ltd., which is a joint venture with Northeast Normal University.

  6. Registration in the US

    Recombinant Human Growth hormone API produced by Qijian Bio-Pharmaceutical was filed in US FDA DMF with the file number of 33745 in 2019.

  7. Annual examination

    QijianBio successfully obtained «Drug production license» for HGH issued by Chinese FDA which confirms the quality of our HGH products meet high GMP standards.

  8. Export license approved

    In early 2022, Jilin Provincial Food and Drug Administration announced our «Drug export license for anabolic agents and peptide hormones» on website, so QijianBio has become an approved enterprise for export human growth hormone (HGH) API in Jilin Province.



Chaofan Street 707
High-Tech Industrial Development Zone
Changchun city, Jilin province

Email: info@qitrope.com